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The Supper Club

Solani Supper Club is a collection of 8,888 NFTs that act as your pass into the Supper Club ecosystem.

All Solani are composed of randomly generated hand drawn traits, each one is unique and beautiful.

We are a movement, a culture, a community surrounded by good people, good food, good music and always good vibes.

Helping eachother unleash their full potential in Web3 and IRL.

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Genesis Launch

The Solani are released and the Supper Club is open.


Go ahead and bookmark the link, you will visit this site frequently.

Let the Game begin

Solani are missing something. They weren't always so dark. It appears through all their trials, they have lost their heart, their soul, their strength and their mind. It is up to you to find them.

Community Support

The Supper Club is a place for growth and inspiration. Workshops and events tailored to building strength and confidence in your capabilities.


True online merchandise store designed by our Founder and Creative Director. Tired of black hoodies? Us too. Sneakpeaks soon. Products will be made from organic materials, leather, gold....and more.


A utility and governance token built by a wordclass token economy expert.


Web3 is a rapidly evolving space. We believe the projects with the most relationships and cross project integration will be the most engaging.


Real life Supper Clubs for our community. These will likely be hosted around major NFT conferences.

Metaverse + Game

This is something we are actively exploring and if/when we implement it, rest assured it will be done right. There are very few teams out their right now that have the capability to build AAA P2E game with scalability and mass appeal. Integration into someone elses "metaverse" will not be in our roadmap.

Our Team


Founder & Creative Director
Tornado Chaser


Co-Founder & Business Development
Complete Degenerate


Co-Founder & CMO
Part time farmer, full time web three

Advist Global

Design & Development

Freuently Asked Question

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